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Type29 Fiberglass Backing Pads

Type29 Fiberglass Backing Pads is the speicial type Fiberglass Backing Plate with a curved shape.JUMA Type29 Fiberglass Backing Pads belong to the Platinum Glass Fiber backing plate Series made from platinum fiberglass nets and high quality resins phenolic.JUMA Type29 Fiberglass Backing Pads not only have best character,such as high revolving strength,long life and stock over 3 years,good toughness and can improve the performance of flap disc,but also have the lowest cost price to help customer to improve the competitiveness of their flap disc during the manufacture process.
As one of the leading type29 fiberglass backing pads manufacturers in China, Juma Abrasives now brings you the best quality and low price type29 fiberglass backing pads from its professional factory. Should you are interested in it, please be free to contact us.