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Flat T41 Thin Cutting Wheel 105x1.2x16mm For Stainless Steel

Flat T41 Thin Cutting Wheel 105x1.2x16mm For Stainless Steel

JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD can manufacture and supply high quality cutting wheel,grinding disc, abrasive flap disc and fiberglass backing plate to every customer. OEM abrasive products can be supplied to customers.

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Product Details

Basic Information 

Order No. : JUMA-20170706

Order Quantity: 100000pcs 

Size : cutting wheel 105x1.2x16mm 

Brand name : Customer's own brand 

Delivery Time : Within 25days after receiving the 30% advanced payment 

Fiberglass nets : Two special nets on cutting disc 

Material:  White Alumina and  other speical high quality material 

Application :  for stainless steel and metal steel cutting 

Performance Testing: 

Durability performance :  69 cuts on stainless steel bar with size 12mm when it run out   

Efficiency  performance :  It take 20 ~ 25 seconds to  cut off  this 12 mm stainless steel bar in every cutting 

Advantage of this black cutting disc 4" (105x1.2x16mm)

1. Beautiful Appearance and High steel removal rate. 
2. Less material loss, noise and dust, few sparks. 
3. Long-life durability. 
4. Low vibration and high stability for comfortable cutting. 
5. 2 sheets of fiberglass for durability and safety, 
6. Made by high qulaity abrasive material " WA" and the other speical kind best quality material   
7. Strict quality control during process , quality and performance testing confirmed before goods delivery . 


Manufacture Process and Quality Assurance

 JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD has already owned 150 sets of advanced manufacturing production line,50 sets in our old factory and the 100 new full automatic advanced production line in our new factory .

Our Company strictly executes quality management system of ISO 9001 in company operation, equipped with advanced production facilities, has a leading level in product designing and development, and has a perfect and strict testing system for material collecting, procedure control, end-product testing and detailed records of production which have made the Company to be able to optimize its production mode successively so as to meet with higher requirements from the clients.


 High Quality abrasive material prepared for cutting wheel 


Abrasive Cut-off  Wheel and Grinding Disc Processing and molding on line 


More iterm of cutting wheel and grinding wheel are inspected before order goods delivery in our company JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , such as boundary dimension testing , equilibrium character testing, circular degree testing , axial runout tolerance testing , Max. rotate speed testing , cutting and grinding performance test on steel bar.

About us 

JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD. , a well-known China enterprise located in Luoyang city,Henan province China, is engaged in manufacturing professional resin abrasives with its production scale being in the leading position of China. The company which was established in 1997 integrated product development, designing, production, sales and services into a whole.

We can supply many kinds of abrasive products, such as follows,

1. T41 Flat cutting for metal and stainless steel;

2. T42 Depressed center cutting and grinding wheel for metal and stainless steel;

3. T27 Depressed center  grinding wheel and grinding disc for metal working;

4. T27 Flexible depressed center grinding disc for special steel surface precision mahining and arc curved surface machining;

 5. Abrasive flap disc and abrasive flap wheel fro steel grinding and polishing;

6.High quality abrasive fiberglass backings plate with lower price to abrasive flap disc manufacture.

All the products manufactured by our company not only can be can be ensured best quality and performance , but also can be supplied best service to every customer during the business process . 

At present , the abrasive products manufactured by our company  have been exported to Japan, South Korea, India 、the Middle East, European countries ,the United States and other states with our own international brand , such as “JUMA”、“LG.W” 。

At the same time , some big abrasive agent join us and demand us to manufacture many more OEM products with their own brand name for their sale . 

Welcome your inquiry and visit us.

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